The sun's beloved island 

Natural beauty, immense history and an ultra-summery lifestyle epitomize holidays on the island of Rhodes. This gorgeous emerald of the Aegean boasts endless sandy beaches and crystalline waters, bright days doused in sunlight and a plethora of sightseeing gems that promise to keep you busy for your holidays and invite you to relish an unforgettable summer experience. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of this spectacular destination?

The Medieval Town

The Old Town of Rhodes, a living and breathing medieval town that dominates the modern city of Rhodes, enchants all who roam its cobblestone alleys, where knights once galloped horseback, on their way to the Holy Lands. Visit the Archaeological Museum and the Grand Magister’s Palace in the Old Town, the church of “Panagia tou Kastrou” and the famous Hippocratous Square for a travel back in time you’ll never wish to leave.

The Modern City of Rhodes

Out of the medieval town’s walls, the modern city of Rhodes is an amalgamation of various eras of history mixed in one whimsical whole. Offering high-end shopping venues and exquisite dining and lounging spots for every taste, Rhodes is a vibrant city that fuses modernity with its rich heritage. Take a walk to the Mandraki harbour, look for the Modern Art Museum, the Aquarium, the traditional corners of the Marasia districts and all the charming beauty that makes Rhodes such a unique destination.

Lindos Village

This enchanting traditional village, home to the ancient Acropolis of Lindos, is the island’s most popular destination, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Wander through whitewashed alleys brimming with charming shops and delightful traditional taverns, cafés and restaurant, immersed in the one-of-a-kind ambience of Lindos and discover an island gem that will make you fall instantly in love!

The Valley of Butterflies

Do not miss a visit to the Valley of Butterflies, a rare natural habitat that captivates the hearts of nature-lovers and enchants all visitors. A rich, shaded sweetgum-tree forest that seems to have popped out of a fairytale welcomes millions of butterflies each summer, as well as thousands of visitors who come to admire this natural gem and hike through its verdant beauty. 

Religious Sites

Like most islands of the Aegean, Rhodes has a rich ecclesiastic heritage, with some intriguing churches and monasteries to show. Start from the medieval monastery of Filerimos, on the western coast. Built on the ruins of the ancient city of Ialysos, this monumental Frankish monastery is a must-see, both for its immense historical importance and its panoramic views from the towering cross overlooking Ialysos Bay. On the eastern coast, climb up the hill to the Panagia Tsambika Monastery, above Tsambika Beach for an authentic look into the pious side of Rhodes.