Grocery Shopping & Delivery

Leave your shopping list to us!

It’s simple! Prepare your shopping list and hand it to our Guest Relations Manager, and everything you need for your culinary creations will be delivered* to your villa’s doorstep!

*Service provided upon request - extra charges apply

Grocery shopping made easy!

Whether it be fruits and vegetables, freshly caught fish, specialty cooking ingredients or any other supplies, all our shopping goes through selected local vendors chosen for their attention to quality, and we make sure only the best and freshest reach your door. 

Service provided upon request - extra charges apply

Restaurant Meal Deliveries

For those days when you don’t wish to leave the comfort of your villa, delightful meals from acclaimed local restaurants can be delivered to your door. Our Guest Relations Manager will be more than happy to provide restaurant menus and ensure that a delicious, freshly made meal will be delivered to you! 

Service provided upon request - extra charges apply

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